Three Types of Disability Claims

08/07/2013 08:13

Disability claims can be a long and exhausting process if you aren't armed with the right information and the right people on your side. Personal injury lawyers or a medical attorney typically handle all claims in the system. If your initial case has been denied, then it is time that you found the services of a legal professional to assist you with receiving your money that you deserve. There are always law firms and organizations in the local area that are more than capable of handling the job. Before you start searching for legal assistance, it is best to arm yourself with a bit of information. You want to know what you are talking about when you are discussing the possibilities with a lawyer.


First, you have SSDI, or Social Security Disability. This is a source of income for people who cannot work because they have serious disabilities. If your disability keeps you from performing on the job, then this is what you are seeking. The amount of money that a person might receive on a monthly basis depends on how much money you have previously paid into the system through your weekly paycheck. When you have an extremely severe disability, the disability claim may also be available to your children as well.


Next, you have SSI, or Supplemental Security Income. These types of claims are actually very similar to the aforementioned SSDI. The SSI only applies to applicants who are within the low-income bracket. Before a person is applicable to receive a SSI paycheck, they must first pass an eligibility exam. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, then SSDI will probably be the likely route for you instead. The two claims are remarkably similar.


Finally, you have the Veterans Disability. These disability claims are reserved alone for veterans. These people are military veterans of wars where they received injuries related to their line of service. It is also reserved for veterans who developed an illness that was a result of their services during the war. The amount of money the veteran will receive depends on the injury and its severity.


These are the three basic types of claims that you will hear about. If you are not low-income or a veteran, then you will only be worried about the first type of claim, the SSDI. This is the most common disability claim. Finding the right lawyer is what cuts away wasted time and money.